Paityn Joan Fessler made her arrival on June 13, 2012 at 7:48am.  She weighed 6 lbs 6 oz and was 19.5 inches long.  With a little bit of Reddish hair!  Here's the story of her arrival.
 I was expecting through this whole pregnancy to get high blood pressure, because I got it with Joye and she came 3 weeks early.  Throughout the whole pregnancy though, my blood pressure was pretty good.  In the middle of May, I was at a party out in the hot sun, and lost part of my vision.  I thought it was just the hot sun, and I was dehydrated.  I got into the shade and it went away so I didn't think any thing of it.  On June 6, I was playing a game with the kids and the same vision problem happened again.  I now thought it was weird that this would happen again, and called the doctor.  The nurse told me to check my blood pressure and if the bottom number was more than 90 that was bad.  After about 10 minutes my vision came back and I went to Katelyn's to have her take my blood pressure.  I can't remember the top number but my bottom number was 102.  I called the doctor's office back, but it was too late, and they were closed.  I called Instacare and they told me to head right to Labor and Delivery for them to monitor me.  I got all hooked up, and everything looked good.  My blood pressure lowered, the baby looked good, my blood work came back completely normal, but my urine had a little too much protein in it.  Which is a sign of Toxemia.  The nurse told me that Toxemia was threatening me, but that I didn't have it yet, and the doctor told her to send me home.
 The next day I took it easy and kept monitoring my blood pressures.  They were up and down, but the bottom number was usually in the 90's.  Around noon I checked again and it spiked up to 153/107.  I called the doctors office again, and he said go right to Labor and Delivery again.  So off to the hospital again.  They hooked me back up to all the machines.  My blood pressure lowered back down, the baby looked good, and my urine protein levels had dropped from the day before.  The doctor decided to keep me in the hospital for 24 hour bed rest and urine testing.  They took more blood for testing and shipped me over to postpartum.  Things were going great.  My blood pressure went back up to about 140's/90's where they had been at home.  This made me feel better, because I knew I wasn't crazy.  Every time I went into Labor and Delivery my blood pressure would go down to be normal.  I had started my 24 urine catch at 1:00pm at about 9:30 that night my CNA came in to take care of my "donation", she didn't know we were collecting it and she dumped it down the toilet.  I almost cried!!!!  We had to start the 24 hours over!!!
 The next morning my doctor came in and was very upset about the urine drop, but we had to finish the 24 hours.  He said that hopefully the labs would come back and we could go home and try to keep the baby in at least until Tuesday, when I could come into his office.  Well that night June 15th, the labs came back.  The nurse told me that normal protein in urine is 100 or less, mine was 690!  The doctor told her to let us go home.  He said that was high, but all my other symptoms of Toxemia were mild, so he thought I would be ok to make it to Tuesday.  So at 11:45pm Friday night Braden and I made our way home.  I was on bed rest through the weekend.  And the only appointment I could get on Tuesday was at 5pm so I was anxious all day.
 Finally 5 o'clock came and we went to the doctor.  My urine test there was between a level 3 and 4, at the hospital on Thursday afternoon it was a 1.  My blood pressure was 158/107.  The doctor was out in the hall and said, "That's as high as we've seen you, I think it's time to have a baby."  If I could have jumped I would have!  He said he wanted to do an ultrasound and check me, and then decide when to send me to the hospital.  We went into the room, he said the baby looked great, and would do great outside the womb.  I was 37 weeks and 2 days.  He then did my strep test, and checked me.  I was already dilated to a 3 and 70% thinned.  He wanted me to head to the hospital that night.
 The hospital called and said they wanted me there at 10pm.  We arrived, and got sent to our room.  At 11:30pm the nurse started my Pitocin, and my antibiotics for strep.  Because I had my strep test done that afternoon, my results weren't back yet, so they just treated me as if I was positive for protection for the baby.  Because of the antibiotics, they want them to be in your system for at least 4 hours before delivery.  4 hours put me at 3:30am.  The doctor wasn't going to be in until morning, so my water wasn't going to be able to be broke until morning...GREAT!.  My contractions were weird.  I would have 6 or 7 really strong ones, to the point where I thought I was ready for my epidural, and then they would almost stop or not hurt very bad.  Around 4:30am I got my epidural, since my water wasn't going to be broke until morning, I thought I'd try to get some "sleep".  Just after my epidural I was dilated to a 4 and 90% thinned.  My epidural was great!  It hurt really bad going in, a lot worse than my last one.  But it worked awesome!  I could feel no pain, but I could still wiggle my toes, move my legs, and lift my bum to move.  
 At 6:30am my doctor showed up to break my water!  I knew as soon as my water was broke, we'd have this baby.  Boy was I right.  When he broke my water, I was a 5.  Around 7:30 I asked the nurse how often she checked me.  She said she usually waits and hour and half, but since she was in my room she'd just check me right then.  She barely got her hand under my sheet and she said, "Wow the head's right there!  I'll call the doctor."  The nurse was taking the bed apart as fast as she could, the doctor showed up, and said, "Next contraction, we'll push."  The nurse kept saying over and over, "This is going to be a no pusher!"  A no pusher?!?!  What was she thinking?!?!  Well the next contraction came, I sat up to start pushing, and before I could the doctor said, "Stop! Stop!"  She was out!!  She really was a "no pusher"!  The nurse said the baby would have the best head over in postpartum because she spent no time in the birth canal.  She came out completely covered in cheese!  Thick cheese!  The doctor said, "It's a girl!"  We all thought we were having a boy.  I kinda thought it was a girl, just because I thought Joye was a boy, but she turned out to be a girl.  So I accepted it,  Braden had to double take.  She was perfect!!  We left the hospital the next afternoon!
Paityn has been the best baby!  She sleeps 3-4 hours during the night, wakes up and eats and goes right back down.  We hardly ever hear her cry.  She is so cuddly.  We can't get over how much she looks like Joye.  They could be twins.  The kids love her so much, too much.  They all fight over whose turn it is to hold her, take care of her, or sit by her in the car.  They are all so ready to get anything for her and help out with her.  We really have to keep our eyes on Joye, she thinks she is bigger than she is, or thinks she can handle Paityn like one of her dolls.

We really want to thank Braden's parents for keeping the kids for 5 days while we were in the hospital, and home on bed rest.  And our friends, Kris and Jeff, for keeping the kids for 2 days while we were having Paityn.  We couldn't have done this without them!  We want to thank everyone who brought us meals, or gifts for Paityn.  Thank you Thank you!!


Britt said...

Oh my heavens you have such a cute little family! We really need to get together when things settle a little! Congrats!!! :)

Brian Alyssa Addison Callie said...

CONGRATS!!! Explains why I haven't seen you at church :) Can't wait to see her!

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